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Clairvoyant Course


Clairvoyant Course


Clairvoyance is your ability to clearly see your inner truth

As you tap into your unique gifts of awareness, you access your inner guidance to discover your own answers.

The Clairvoyant Course is about celebrating all that you are and what you are capable of being in the world.

In seeing the truth of yourself, you know yourself more deeply, as the Soul that you are.

As you change the way you relate to yourself, you naturally change the way you relate to your life and all your relationships.

In this two-year course learn to:

  • See clearly, gaining greater insight into yourself and others

  • Free yourself to have certainty in your intuitive abilities and heal yourself

  • Explore the chakras and your spiritual anatomy to gain greater insight into your past patterns and make new dynamic choices in present time

  • Manifest your goals and life aspirations with greater ease and balance

  • Deepen your spiritual awareness and that of mankind, to fulfill your unique purpose, personally and professionally

It is in the practice of Clairvoyant reading that you see others more clearly as you see yourself more clearly.

You are able to:

  • Release old patterns
  • Forgive and move forward
  • Find more creative solutions for situations and relationships

As you learn to trust your certainty in your knowing and choices, you increase your creativity on all levels: your relationships, career, health, prosperity, amusement and miracles.

Instructors: Gayle P. Myers, MD and Gwyneth R. Flack, MA

Prerequisite:  Intuitive Tools for Professionals course

2020 Dates:
July 11 – 9:30-12:30
August 29 – 9:00-12:00  (please note different time)
October 10 – 9:30-12:30
November 14 – 9:30-12:30
December 12 – 9:30-12:30

January 2021 Date
:  To Be Announced

This is Part 3 of a 2-year course.
The $1,000 tuition is for Part 1 of the course, with a discount for paying for 5 months and getting the 6th month free or $200.00 per class.

Payment is due by July 7, 2020.
You will be enrolled through January, 2021.


Reconnect to your intuition.
Embrace life. Manifest joy.