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Divine Feminine Creativity


Divine Feminine Creativity


A Two-Year Course

your female energy and intuition in harmony are the expression of your dynamic power and creativity.

When you access and embody this female intuition, you live from your truth on your path. This foundational power frees you to manifest your purposes in all aspects of your life.

In this two-year course learn to:

  • Distinguish the difference between female & male energies.

  • Strengthen and update your own dynamic female intuition and healing abilities.

  • Work with female healing guides.

  • Tune your female body with your female spiritual anatomy.

  • Have neutrality to competition energy that affects you and live in collaboration.

  • Validate your creative female capability and abilities to manifest in the world.

  • Bring yourself into balance and harmony in your female and male energies, stabilizing your relationships and communication.

Join us as you take your quantum leap as a female and help lead the shift in Divine female awareness on the planet!

This two-year course is in two six-month segments.

You will receive 12 lectures and practice your reading and healing skills throughout the course, along with audio downloads.

Instructors: Gayle P. Myers, MD and Gwyneth R. Flack, MA

Prerequisite: Clairvoyance Course Graduate
Students who have completed year one of the IAC Divine Feminine Creativity Course

Time: 9:30am – 12:30pm

Dates for 2020:
August 1 #17
October 3 #18

Part 4 Begins (payment due Nov 3)
November 7 #19
December 5 #20

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Cost: The $950.00 tuition is for Part 3 of the course, with a discount for paying for 5 months and getting the 6th month free or $ 185.00 per class.

To make monthly payments, please call Dineen at 802-524-2583.

Reconnect to your intuition.
Embrace life. Manifest joy.