Intuitive Tools for Parents

Intuitive Tools for Parents

Intuitive Tools for Parents:
4-Class Series

There’s no singular method for parenting: it’s truly an intuitive process! This dynamic relationship you have with your child and their growth is an ever-changing landscape. Recognizing your growth, engages your intuitive abilities in each moment for greater inspiration, joy, and heart-to-heart communication.

As a parent and professional, maintaining your enthusiasm, sense of humor, and tuning into your intuitive inner voice during each step of your multitasking day, can bring a greater scope of creativity, clarity, and adaptability.

Embodying your intuitive creativity as a parent, you’ll find more space for yourself to be rejuvenated, even in the midst of your busy and demanding day with work and family. You can go forward with grace, updating your relationships to present time, and seeing your children clearly as they are, where they are.

In this 4-class monthly series taught through creative visualization, you’ll learn simple energy tools to use anytime, anywhere:

  • Say hello to your child’s Light through learning to give a simple healing to yourself and them, increasing your heart-to-heart communication.

  • Experience your intuition as a direct communication tool for tuning into your inner voice in the midst of your busy day, accessing greater adaptability, resilience, and creativity.

  • Manage family related overwhelm, stress, or areas where you get emotionally triggered, and maintain your sense of humor and grounding.

  • Recognize and release inherited family patterns, to be more present to your child in each stage of their growth, seeing them in present time.

  • Reconnect with your personal power to create more harmony in your life.

  • Set your intention for the day using simple intuitive tools.

  • Create healthier relationships with clearer communication, so you have more successful outcomes.

  • Leave work energized and make the daily transition from workplace to family.

This class is open to everyone (no prior IAC class required), and you’re welcome to share this webpage with those you feel might also be interested!

Instructor: Gwyneth R Flack, IAC Co-Founder and Co-Director

Tuesdays from 6:30-8:30 PM EST
October 12, November 2, December 7, January 4

$240 for entire 4 class series: 8 hours total class time ($60 per class).
Audio download of each class included.

Please note: These 4 classes are sequential. If you need to pay monthly, please let me know. Discount for couples and for those re-taking the class.

Questions?  Email Gwyneth

Intuitive Tools for Parents

Reconnect to your intuition.
Embrace life. Manifest joy.