Spiritual Journey of Osteopathy

Spiritual Journey of Osteopathy

The grace of being who you are as Divine Light is the manifestation of the Health

The challenge of staying present during our interactions with others, and our patients, can often deplete our energy. By being aware of our Infinite Light and resources, centered in the Fulcrum of the Divine, we can have our neutrality. We remain present to our own healing as we assist others’ healing.

In this 6 class foundational series we will explore how to:

  • Become grounded and centered by the Tide in the Stillness of Primary Respiration

  • Allow transmutation of unresolved patterns freeing our awareness of Eternity with the movement of Creation

  • Spiritual tools that assist in maintaining neutrality while staying present to ourselves and our patients during treatments

  • Spiritual anatomy and the Chakra system: functional centers that interface between the Tidal body and the physical body through the endocrine system

  • Being present to the Health in ourselves as we assist others’ healing

Instructors: Gayle P. Myers, MD

Enrollment: Pre-requisite for this course is Biodynamics of Osteopathy phases I – IV
Time: TBA
Dates: TBA

Reconnect to your intuition.
Embrace life. Manifest joy.