Intuitive awareness is your most valuable gift that allows you to access your most authentic, powerful and creative self.

As a professional, living in a complex world, interacting in relationships at work and with family, it is essential to have your intuitive awareness, which is your inner guidance.

Your intuitive awareness helps you see what is possible, transform from within, and create more dynamic outcomes in all aspects of your life.

As you transform from within, you:

  • Release your past experiences and limiting beliefs
  • Become more deeply connected to who you truly are
  • Live and create consciously in the moment
  • Experience more joyful fulfillment in discovering and creating your life’s purpose

The classes offered at IAC are oriented toward a rapidly growing community of professionals from all backgrounds, who are ready to take their next steps by reconnecting with their intuitive awareness, bringing their own truths to light, and applying their knowledge in the world.

by Gayle P. Myers, MD and Gwyneth R Flack, MA

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