By living intuitively, your intuition becomes a compass for your everyday life, interwoven into the fabric of who you are and what you are here to share and create.

Living Intuitively:

  • Enhances all aspects of your daily life, bringing a greater level of ease, flow and harmony
  • Becomes wholly integrated into your career, relationships, parenting and health
  • Frees you from the stress you often assume is a normal part of life

Using your intuition on a daily basis, it becomes much simpler to:

  • Know which choices are best for you
  • Discern the most beneficial way to communicate with others
  • Relate with more clarity to your changing surroundings
  • Collaborate more effectively in your workplace
  • Align with the most beneficial support for yourself and others

We are now living in a time of greater freedom to express ourselves and live intuitively within our communities, workplaces and families.

When you make time to gather as a group in a classroom setting, with experienced teachers to guide you, the ‘work’ of reconnecting with your own information becomes simpler, more fun and deeply fulfilling. You discover the liberating joy of living your life intuitively.

by Gayle P. Myers, MD and Gwyneth R Flack, MA

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