An experience of a pandemic awakens us on a global level to the relationship we are having with humanity, and with all that is.

Waking up to seeing more around us includes the well-being of others in our neighborhoods and communities, local hospitals, in far-away countries, and with amazement, to what’s changing in our environment.

We also can become more aware of our relationships with those closest to us, our partner, spouse or housemate, children, our meditation practice, our garden, pets, cooking and health habits. This expands our awareness to more deeply consider solutions in our human relationship with our shared Earth, a relationship that literally houses us as a species.

All of life is a relationship, from a molecular level to our relationship with Earth and our fellow Human Beings. In both the seen and nanoscopic or unseen world, a relationship requires the presence of two or more.

Do we actually have more in common with one another just by being Human, and can we put aside the details of our disagreements to focus on a greater good that benefits all of life on Earth?

Do we continue to get stuck on the problems, or can we unify to create new solutions together?

Finding solutions requires us to have the courage to grow as Human Beings, to become resourceful and creative in ways we may never have thought possible.

Our most primary relationship is the one within ourselves, with our inner Being. Whether we are extremely busy working, or have more free time than usual, a global pause gives us an opportunity to look within ourselves, access a deeper wisdom and see what to nurture, what to let go, what is of greatest value within us that we could express and share in this new altered world opening up before us.

As we look within ourselves, new growth begins to emerge, like a rose which begins as a bud, opening into a beautiful flower. Yet emerging from the trauma of a pandemic, we also realize we may have some significant thorns, a natural part of growth and transformation. As we are currently in this bud stage, we see the rose is what we hope to become together as we unite.

Yet, what is the most aligned path for us to heal together on this journey?

Whether we’ve lost loved ones during this pandemic, been working in an exposed environment on a daily level, (such as a hospital or grocery store), whether we’ve experienced a loss of income, are home alone, or are home navigating the chaotic working-from-home while homeschooling landscape, a pandemic affects us all with some level of trauma.

As we heal ourselves, we open the opportunity for others to heal as well, and shift our focus to setting a new course where we shine a light on the solution that each of us holds within us, a puzzle piece that is both unique and part of a whole.

by Gwyneth R Flack, MA
May 2020
Intuitive Awareness Center (IAC) 

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